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OPEN THREAD: Talking about the Suns-Grizzlies game tonight

Although the Mavericks will enjoy a couple more days off before playing in Memphis on Wednesday, there is an important game for playoff positioning tonight.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Are you watching Suns-Grizzlies tonight? A Phoenix win will make sure the Mavericks finish with the 7th seed no matter what happens against Memphis on Wednesday (technically, the sixth seed is still in play, but it's a long shot). Your comments can go here.

Hey Mavs fans! Just a handful of games left in the season and ohhhhhhhhh boy are things still tight. As of the conclusion of Sunday night's games, your Mavericks sit all alone by a full game in seventh place.

But this is the wild wild Western Conference, and nothing is certain yet. Use this as your open thread to discuss any and all of these non-Mavs games. Shoutout to MMB'er mike_o for the idea -- we are just refreshing the thread this week so as to keep the comments fresh and relevant.

Here are the games you're watching this week, probably:

Phoenix Suns

Wednesday, April 9 at New Orleans Pelicans

Friday, April 11 at San Antonio Spurs

Saturday, April 12 at Dallas Mavericks (we'll have a separate game thread here, obviously)

Memphis Grizzlies

Wednesday, April 9 vs. Miami Heat

Friday, April 11 vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Sunday, April 13 at Los Angeles Lakers

Golden State Warriors

Thursday, April 10 vs. Denver Nuggets

Friday, April 11 at Los Angeles Lakers

Sunday, April 13 at Portland Trail Blazers