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Q&A with AllThatAmar of SLC Dunk

SLC Dunk's Amar, aka @AllThatAmar, was kind enough to answer a few questions about tonight's Mavs-Jazz meeting. The questions get a little weird -- in a good way.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

1) The Mavericks need every win they can get in this final games to hold off the unrelenting Memphis and Phoenix squads. Any chance Jazz can make this a trap game?

I am sad to say that there is a chance. It's a slim chance, but I'd rather there be no chance. There are no goals, immediate or long-term, that are served by the Utah Jazz winning games right now. It's just foolishness and pride. As we all know those two traits can make someone unpredictable and dangerous. And that's precisely where the Utah Jazz are right now as a team. Their head coach Tyrone Corbin has run out of fuchs to give. He knows he is auditioning for a job with another team right now, and he wants to win as many games as possible. This is the last game of a road trip for Dallas, with three more important games on the schedule after this one. This is, indeed, a trap game. Which is hilarious because the Jazz should be starting Rudy Gobert at this time of the season instead of trying to ruin the days of playoff teams.

2) What's something cool about this 2014 Jazz squad that I probably haven't heard this year (and won't unless you tell me right now since the season's nearing an end)?

This team has been the most passive Utah Jazz team in over a generation - they have recorded the fewest technical fouls / flagrant fouls in franchise history. This is a far cry from the Karl Malone Jazz that would bloody people up and knock their teeth out. Similarly, the toughness has extended to our W/L record. We're softer than baby wipes. And the team had a chance to finish the season with the fewest wins in franchise history. So, uh, I guess that's pretty cool.

3) You are a mad scientists who discovers the powers to fuse two players together, combining their basketball abilities as well as their names. Which two Jazz players get the honor?

The answer to this question depends on who our head coach is. If it's Tyrone Corbin, a guy who has an obvious and consistent bias towards veterans (which makes complete sense when your most talented players are all under the age of 24), then you want to mix Alec Burks with Richard Jefferson. Burks is a bench player under Corbin, but is our most natural and gifted scorer. Jefferson has started every game this season, mainly because a) he is a veteran, and b) he can occasionally make an open three pointer. Mixing these two guys together gives you an actual NBA starter with actual NBA starter scoring talent. The main benefit, beyond three point shooting ability for Burks, is that he gets older. Which is appears to be the primary pre-requisite for playing time under journeyman Corbin.

If the coach isn't Tyrone then you do the most obvious thing ever and mix Jeremy Evans and Rudy Gobert. A super skinny, super tall player with out of this world athleticism - who can't dribble or shoot, or pass - giving you rookie year Tyson Chandler. And the Jazz' new center of the future.

4) Briefly describe what your dream scenario is for the Jazz's summer and next season.

Well, a frame of reference is needed here. To find out our dream scenario you have to first know what a nightmare is. The last four seasons have been just that, so I think I'm equipped to handle this question. The dream scenario is not complicated. Hire a new head coach - effectively anyone but Corbin or Lionel Hollins. Have a dedicated and unified goal this year (not "win and develop at the same time part four"), leading to increased morale leading up to the rest of the off season. The Jazz go best player available in the draft, and hopefully it's a Top 5 pick. Then come to terms with Gordon Hayward and then extend the contracts for Alec Burks and Enes Kanter (so they don't become RFAs next season). Re-sign Marvin Williams for super cheap. Re-sign Diante Garrett for 2 years for peanuts. And then buy out Raul Neto 's contract in Spain and bring him over. Then just focus on development. I don't care about wins. The Jazz shouldn't either.

Thanks Tim. you're the man. And Go Mavs!

Thank YOU, Amar! It was fun. Mavs-Jazz ready?