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Five Out Offense: Darren Collison, Playoff Hero?

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The return of Darren Collison, apparently. Plus, some LeBron/Dirk things.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. Darren Collison Scores 9 million points in 4 seconds to tie the Clippers-Thunder series: Whenever a guy who was repeatedly benched for Mike James---that is, whenever a guy who was repeatedly benched for Mike James and it often seemed like it was the right decision--turns playoff hero, it's news. Two nights ago, the Thunder turned in a Mavs-esque collapse, losing a 12-point (at one point a 15-point) fourth quarter lead. As a matter of fact, most of the distance WAS made up by other people--Collison added only two points prior to the lead shrinking to three. But he stuck the knife in, scoring 10 points in the last 4:28 to give the Clips a 2-point lead. This is a great day for Darren Collison trolls, who have been following me all season to tell me how amazing he is if I ever imply otherwise. Good for you, DC. You successfully dueled Durant and Westy. I'm sure this will keep happening.

2. LeBron James scores 49 points on 24 shots last night: Now why would I possibly be telling you about the Heat? Or LeBron? Because it just so happens that that's the most points that anybody's scored in the playoffs on under 25 shots. However. The guy he passed for that honor is none other than Dirk Werner Nowtizki, who on May 17, 2011, shot 12-15 from the floor, 24-24 from the free-throw line, to score 48 points on FIFTEEN shots, which, some might say, is a LITTLE MORE EFFICIENT. That year, Dirk would go on to best LeBron in something else, though I can't quite remember what....

3.Rick Gosselin thinks the Mavs need to bring in a young star: He's the only one, though. Everyone else is cool. Yep.

4. Good read on the Mavs from Kelly Dwyer: Giving us some offseason thoughts.

5. Some introductory offseason thoughts, from me: Head over there and give us yours!

BONUS: Oh my god, this orca is mad old. Obviously I have no idea if this is true, or how you check an orca's age. But anyway, the Mavs are bringing her in to play small forward next year.