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Video: Nash and Dirk talk about what could have been and more

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During Grantland's video series on Steve Nash's comeback, the series shifted toward a meetup of the former teammates as they talk their own careers and what could have happened if Nash stayed in Dallas.

If you haven't noticed, Grantland has been doing a pretty neat documentary series on Steve Nash's comeback with the Lakers this season. Nash obviously has been a little worse for wear and it's fascinating to watch him try to make his way back onto the court to try and live up to the large contract he got from the Lakers.

Which brings us to the above video, which came out in late April, so forgive the tardiness. The camera crew came with Dirk and Nash when the duo went to dinner when the Mavs visited the Lakers late in the season. They proceeded to talk about very interesting things. Some highlights:

  • Nash seems pretty convinced that he and Dirk would have won a title together -- hell, he even hints at they could have won two. It's a fascinating what-if and it's hard to tell what would have happened. Would Dirk and Nash have continued to lead the high-scoring Mavs? Would Dirk have ever developed a low-post, free-throw heavy game with Nash in tow? Nash surely wouldn't have won two MVPs, right? Could Dallas have won a title with an average defender in Dirk and a minus defender in Nash as their two best players? It's a lot to think about.
  • Dirk brings up an interesting point -- the league's best in the NBA probably would have wiped the floor with a lot of the league's best teams from 2003-2008. Dirk talks about how once Shaq left the Lakers, it was pretty much the Spurs as the only fearsome team and the league really was wide open. Case in point, once Shaq left the Lakers after L.A. dominated the start of the decade, the Spurs, Pistons, Heat and Celtics all would win titles in the following years. Dirk even mentions that the 2006 Dallas team would probably get hammered by the Thunders and Heat of today's NBA.
  • Nash then asks Dirk if Dirk would go through the comeback that Nash is attempting and Dirk doesn't really answer it definitively, but seems to side with probably not. Dirk has long said that he would retire once he didn't enjoy playing basketball anymore or he felt like he wasn't a good player. So it makes sense as to why he'd lean toward retiring if he were in Nash's situation.
  • Nash brings up the 2006 Western Conference Finals and how it hurt him so much to lose it that he didn't even care that much about what Dirk did in the Finals. Sorry buddy.

Watch the rest of the video. It's very much worth it, if only to see Dirk smile and chill out and talk basketball. What do you think? Take the poll below then sound off in the comments.

Also, can we get Dirk to replace Shaq on Inside the NBA when he retires? Let's make that happen.


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