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Five Out Offense: Advancing Spurs make Dallas look better

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Also: Mark Cuban helps out a MFFL and a former Maverick might get a chance at a head coaching position.

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1. SPURS JUST NEED FIVE GAMES TO FINISH BLAZERS: Last night, like the first three games of the Portland-San Antonio series, was the Spurs machine working at full capacity. They topped Portland in just about every statistical category and posted a 4:1 assist to turnover ratio, losing the ball just six times in all 48 minutes -- and this was all without Tony Parkerwhose hamstring tightness appears to be no big deal.

After watching San Antonio barely break a sweat to take out the No. 5 seeded team in the Western Conference, it speaks volume to what Dallas was able to do in seven games, taking San Antonio to the very brink of elimination before falling to that same machine we saw all series. Game 7 wasn't an aberration -- the Spurs had that capability the entire time, and will keep playing to that level as they attempt to advance to the NBA Finals. What's truly impressive is that the Mavericks and Rick Carlisle were able to suppress the 'death Spurs' for as long as they did.

II. MARK CUBAN IS A GOOD DUDE: Sure, Cuban rubs some people the wrong way, but I honestly believe he's the best owner in sports. A redditor shares his story about how, after his house burned down, Cuban wrote a check and gave the guy and his fiance tickets to a Mavs game six rows from the court.

III. FORMER MAV TO BE JAZZ HEAD COACH?: I'm a little too young to have watched Adrian Griffin as a Maverick, but he played 184 games for the team in two separate stints. He's now an assistant coach for the Bulls, but received permission to interview for the Utah Jazz head coaching job. We'll see if it amounts to anything.

IV. CALLING DANCERS: The Dallas Mavericks Dancers have audition times here! I want to see you all there.

V. CROWDER CHOWDER?: Did you read our review of Jae's season? Are you going to read Brandan Wright's tomorrow at 8 a.m.? Don't miss out on the goodness of our player reviews.

(BONUS VI. LET'S NOT GET CRAZY: It's worth mentioning as a bonus that Sports World Report says Jose Calderon and a 2016 first round pick might be all the Mavericks need to get Tyson Chandler from New York (plus Brandan Wright or another minor piece, most likely). If there's a ounce of truth in that report, you accept in a heartbeat. But the internet is a wild jungle land, and when your brain says "this probably isn't true and I've never heard of this site before in my life," trust it.)