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Five Out Offense: Lance Stephenson shines and Shane Larkin takes over

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Talking assets, liabilities, potential new faces, Instagram takeovers awards shows?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. LANCE STEPHENSON, ANYONE?: We have a lot of discussions behind the scenes amongst the MMB staff, and a hot topic of late has been the potential for Lance Stephenson to the Mavericks in free agency. Stephenson is not said to be on the Mavs' radar this summer, despite them having plenty of money to play with. With his performance in Indiana's wire-to-wire victory over the Miami Heat (17 points on 8-12 shooting), you have to wonder if they would reconsider that position. Our sister blog Indy Cornrows has some more details about Lance's big night in their game recap.

2. DEJUAN BLAIR MAY BE HERE TO STAY: HoopsHabit wonders if DeJuan Blair has found a more permanent home in Dallas after shining in the playoff series against the Spurs. Was it a fluke, or could Blair be a more consistent contributor next season if given the chance?

3. SHANE LARKIN IS TAKING OVER: The Dallas Mavericks' official Instagram, that is. Starting last night, the rookie is manning the team account, giving us some day in the life type things, including this below as he and Ricky Ledo get ready to put in some work today. Apparently there will be prizes?

4. CALDERON A LIABILITY?: Fansided's SportDFW has a quick take on whether Calderon's liabilities on defense, considering the likely off-season departure of Shawn Marion, are worth what he brings to the offense. What say you, Moneyballers?

5. CUBAN ABOUT TOWN: If you're the awards show type (I am only occasionally the awards show type), our beloved owner was apparently a presenter at the Billboard Music Awards last night. He had a pretty awesome view of the Michael Jackson hologram, even.