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Five Out Offense: Mark Cuban Doin' Werk

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Cuban continues his appearances around the country, and other Mavs-related news.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

1. CUBAN HIRES AN INVESTIGATOR: As you've probably heard, MC looked into hiring a former FBI agent,who runs an investigation agency, to talk to him about the 2006 Finals. And I honestly don't mind. I am too old and too cool to care at all what people think about me, and that means not being afraid to say that Dirk would have two rings if the refs in that series hadn't blown it for him.  However, it seems the guy Cuban talked to, Warren Flagg, isn't exactly a boy scout. Wonder if he has a particular set of skills.

Update: Cubes says it never happened!

Considering how poor the journalism is in the stories reporting this, I believe him.

2. CUBAN WAVES A GREEN FLAG: Looks like ol' Cubes is going to be waving the starting flag for the Indy 500! Cuban, an IU grad, has some ties to the area which probably explains the honor. That and a long-term love of watching things go in a circle forever.

3. DEVIN HARRIS LINKED TO BULLS: The thing about free agents is that they're free. Not cost-wise, they'll cost a lot of money if anyone wants to put a ring on it. Even the "cheap" ones make more than I will in a decade. But here's a rumor that the Bulls want in on Devin which is not so very surprising. Add this to the number of places Vince has been linked, and the Mavs may have to spend some cash to make sure they still have a bench next year.

4. DIRK'S SUPPORTING CAST SOLID BUT NOT SPECTACULAR: Here, Tim MacMahon points out that Dirk Nowitzki's supporting cast has rarely been as good as Tim Duncan's. Which of course makes it more impressive how close and contested the playoff series have always been, and also helped explain why the Spurs have won more often. Oh, well. Rather be a Mavs fan.

5. KEVIN LOVE HAS NO LOVE FOR THE WOLVES: Obviously the big NBA news is that Kevin Love has more explicitly expressed his desire to leave. This has no Mavs relevance if he's traded. As this effort shows, the offers the Mavs could put together for Fits Like a Klove are hilariously bad. The concern has to be, though, that the Mavs will suddenly go Big Fish again and do nothing this offseason to save money. Which they couldn't afford to do two years ago, but can afford less now.