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Five Out Offense: Lance Lance Revolution

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Lance making 'em dance, Cuban is a good man, and more.

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1. LANCE STEPHENSON IS A UNICORN: This is going to get hashed and rehashed until you hate all of us here at Mavs Moneyball, but we need to keep saying it: Lance Stephenson is really good. He's 23, exceptionally talented, good sized, plays a weak position in the NBA, and most importantly, he's an unrestricted free agent. In today's NBA, that doesn't happen. The front office is apparently uninterested in him, given the team make up at the moment. I really do understand all the arguments against him, but in the end, I just don't care. If you've seen the first two games in the Heat Pacers series, then you'll understand where we're all coming from. He could very well be the best shooting guard in the league in two years.

2. SHAWN BRADLEY GOT DUNKED ON A LOT: The ESPN 30 for 30 series is the best idea Bill Simmons has ever had and it's not close. They've branched out in the last few months, producing a number of short films that aren't talked about as much, but are really interesting. Today, they are releasing a short called "Posterized" by Andrew Jenks that seems like it will focus on former Maverick Center Shawn Bradley.

3. MARK CUBAN CONTINUES TO BE GREAT HUMAN BEING: This was news around North Texas yesterday, but for the folks outside the area, here are two reminders that our owner is a great man with a good heart. First, he helped pay for the wedding of a couple who fell into times harder than I can even imagine. Miscarriages, a stillborn child, cancer, these folks have had a terrible run and here's to hoping that getting married puts them on a better track. Second, Cuban sent the struggling fire department of Crandall, Texas a $10,000 check to help with a shortfall. Cuban probably wishes both these stories didn't come out, because he's not the kind of guy to seek publicity for being a good human, but I'm glad we get these occasional reminders.

4. THE MAVERICKS DID NOT WIN THE LOTTO: Mainly because they weren't eligible but whatever. The Cavaliers won for the third time in four years, which is so lucky as to prompt conspiracy theories. Dallas does not have a first round pick this year, as they traded away the pick back when they acquired Lamar Odom in 2011-12. Dallas DOES happen to have two second round picks: 34th overall, acquired from the Boston Celtics in last years draft and 51st overall. Expect in-depth coverage on possible selections for both these picks in the coming weeks.

5. RELIVE DIRK, DESTROYER OF WORLDS: It's getting to that point where there's no Maverick news of note. That's okay though because we have some awesome memories to fall back on. Like this one. CHILLS.