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Five Out Offense: Mark Cuban talks about bigotry and racism

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Cuban might talk a lot, but it's not without purpose. Here, he admits he has prejudices and starts a conversation about racism across the internet, with mixed feelings.

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1. MARK CUBAN TALKS ABOUT BIGOTRY: This isn't as simple as a headline or a black kid in a hoodie. If you are the type of person who is going to take a stance and share your opinion on this matter, you have to watch the entire video with Cuban's comments first. That's the only thing that is fair.

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2. REACTIONS TO WHAT HE SAID: First off, this is exactly what Mark Cuban does. He's outspoken, and people know he's outspoken, so they make sure to push his buttons and try to get a soundclip on this or that, knowing he's going to speak his mind.

But we need to realize something about 55-year-old Mark Cuban -- at this point in his life, he doesn't just talk to talk. As the team owner, he feels responsible to answer questions about the team, about the league and about issues impacting them. With these comments, I believe he's being honest with himself and with the general public, and trying to start a real conversation about the issue.

I know I grew up with stereotypes and prejudices that are still hard to shake. I'm not proud of every thought that goes through my head, but at least I know it's wrong. Cuban says that, and then he goes a step further and gives specific examples, and now a lot of the people who are upset refuse to dig deeper than "black kid with a hoodie." But at the root of his words, I understand the importance of his point.

That's what I make of this, but I'm just one person, and not particularly qualified to really talk about anything. If you want more, you should read what other people have to say about it.

Start with Mark Cuban's Twitter, where he was been defending and expanding on his stance all morning. Awful Announcing does a good job boiling down what main Twitter arguments he's been having, mainly about headlines that essentially called him racist. There's a few more I could link, but I think it's best we close it right there.

3. HEY LOOK THERE'S BASKETBALL GOING ON, TOO: The Spurs demolished the Thunder last night for the second-straight game. Here's what the SB Nation NBA guys thought about it. And then Paul Flannery, a national guys, points out what we've realized for a couple of weeks now.

4. ALL YOU NEED (TO TRADE) IS LOVE: Zach Harper makes a fun appearance at TrueHoop, proposing what it would take for the other 29 teams to trade for Kevin Love. As you can imagine, the Mavericks one isn't what you would call "super serious."


And an important question (I think, anyway):

5. RAMI PLAYS GM: Over at Fansided, Rami settles down in Donnie Nelson's chair (which I like to imagine is very plush) and does his best to play GM for this offseason.