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Five Out Offense: Looking ahead to the offseason, more Cuban

We talk a little more about the Mark Cuban comments from yesterday, but also take a look at a cool 30 for 30 short film and our wrapped-up player reviews.

Rob Carr

1. AN OFFSEASON PREVIEW: Our own Doyle Rader makes an appearance over at WFAA to break down the Mavericks' offseason priorities and outline some of the potential free agent targets.

2. THE CUBAN-CARLISLE RELATIONSHIP: Head coach Rick Carlisle had a couple of fascinating quotes in this Dallas Morning News transcription of an 103.3 ESPN radio interview, saying he wishes Cuban was around the team even more. The other quote is about keeping Dirk healthy.

3. MORE CUBAN: As you probably know, Cuban had some comments that lit up the internet yesterday. If you need to get caught up, start with yesterday's Five Out, and then proceed to Andrew Tobolowsky giving an excellent breakdown of a Twitter argument Cuban and Bomani Jones were having about the topic yesterday. It got a nod of approval from Bomani himself on Twitter:

Also, David Aldridge's column about the issue is definitely worth diving into, as well.

4. GET DUNKED ON: A 30 for 30 short film on Shawn Bradley's tendency to get dunked on? Yes, please, I'm very interested in this. (It's only 13 minutes long, so watch it while you're eating lunch at your desk or something.)

5. REVIEW OUR PLAYER REVIEWS: Over the past couple of weeks, we have been reviewing the seasons of the non-FA Mavericks. They are of excellent quality and you can find all 10 of them right here, from Ricky Ledo to Dirk Nowitzki.