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Five Out Offense: Cuban rooting for the Spurs, Dirk is a cool-ass teammate

Also: Lance Stephenson didn't do so well last night. And what would you turn down for what for?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

1. MARK CUBAN PLAYOFF THOUGHTS: Basically, he's rooting for the Spurs because he wouldn't mind if Timmy D decided to retire.

2. DIRK IS THIRD IN SOME AWARD: Dirk finished third in the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year ward. So, sure, we don't really care that much about most of these types of awards here at MMB. But remember, players were not allowed to vote for their own actual teammates, so this means that other guys actually would really like to play with Dirk. Good news, guys! Come on by.

3. THE LANCECOASTER: Some games this series he's looked like the best player on the Pacers. Other games...

4. LIST OF THINGS TO TURN DOWN FOR: Just in case it comes up.

5. VOTE VOTE VOTE!: Relive some sweet, sweet memories in our Dirk Game Winners Tournament!