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Five Out Offense: Pacers survive, Dirk Game Winner Tourney rolls on

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Although there's not much actual news in Mavsland today, here's everything you need to know.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

1. NOT DONE WITH YOU YET: The Pacers are still alive. Somehow. I don't actually know. In fact, I'm still not sure when this game turned from "ugh why do I watch the Eastern Conference" to "holy shitzou I don't know what's happening and it's amazing," but at some point in the fourth quarter, it did just that. Good job, basketball.

2. ANY MAVS IMPACT?: We've talked about Lance Stephenson a lot in the Five Out, because he's entertaining and there is a possibility, however small, that he could be a Maverick. Tonight, he was better than Game 4 but struggled to take, all while being as weird as a basketball player can be while on the court. Like flopping so obviously that the referee probably laughed at him. And joining the other team's huddle. AND BLOWING IN LEBRON'S EAR (and LeBron's response made me laugh).

Look, Stephenson is a crazy person, but he is also crazy good at basketball. I'd still love to see him in a Mavericks uniform, although I think the minuscule chance of that happening has probably got smaller recently. At least realize that Lance can only do so much in that horrid Pacers offense that got bailed out by Paul George in a major way last night.

3. DIRK + GAME WINNERS: We have reached the second round of the Dirk Game Winners Tournament! Second round voting and first round results can be found here.

4. A COUPLE OF UPSETS: I'm not particularly shocked at any of the results. There were a couple of upsets, with the no. 9 seed knocking off the no. 8 and a random Dirk game winner against Phoenix taking out HE GETS THE BOUNCE, HE GOT THE BOUNCE. Mainly, I just really like Followill's call on that Milwaukee shot, but the community has spoken and it is the lesser game winner! Now, go get your votes in for the second round.

5. DARREN COLLISON A FREE AGENT AGAIN: Don't worry, he's not coming back to the Mavericks. He's a good backup point guard -- shoots the 3-pointer well, can provide offense in spurts and isn't hugely turnover prone overall (last two minutes, though, is an entirely different story, as we saw). I thought Los Angeles was a perfect fit for him, but he can probably make more money somewhere.