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VIDEO QUOTEBOARD: Monta Ellis and DeJuan Blair come up big in Mavericks win

Although excited about a win, the general vibe in the locker room made it clear the team was already looking ahead to Game 7 on Sunday in San Antonio.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On DeJuan Blair's impact on the game

Tons of activity, brings us a real physical presence. He clears out a lot of space in there. He made two great plays at the end of the game to come up with balls -- one was a steal, one was a rebound -- and he hits some big free throws. We need all our guys, and we need all of them to be ready on Sunday. Wright didn't get in the game tonight, but he's been an important guy in our center rotation all year and he's got to be ready. It's another one-game season for us. We've had them all year. Really, the last month, we've had a lot of these types of games, so we know what this is about and we wanted this opportunity.

On what Monta Ellis brought

He was great in the second half, especially. First half, it was hard for him to get a rhythm. He got a little frustrated. At halftime, I talked to him a little bit and just told him he just needs to stay in attack mode, just keep his attacking energy up. The second half didn't start great, but then when he came back in, he made huge plays. He made a huge three, attacked the rim, had one or two 3-point plays.

On the improved pick-and-roll defense

We played better tonight; our recognition was better, our communication was better. If you have better communication, it doesn't matter what the coverage is; you're going to do a better job. I thought that was a bigger part of it.

On his team's intensity

We were into it. Our guys knew what was at stake today. We're in a situation where we know what's at stake Sunday. We've got a lot of veteran guys that have been in a lot of playoff games and a lot of big games. Our biggest thing is we've got to communicate well. We've got to really help each other out on the court at both ends of the floor. We've got to play at a break-neck level of intensity, without being frantic and without losing our poise. That's what it's about.

Dirk Nowitzki

On the Mavs' play in the fourth quarter

I just thought we attacked. Monta was in ultimate attack mode every time down, that 3-ball he hit was huge. Vince hit some huge free throws, and I thought defensively, we just scrabbled.

Gregg Popovich

On what happened in the fourth

We turned it over. I thought we bailed them out with some poor shots and we turned it over at the same time. Bail out shots are basically turnovers also, and they capitalized on them.

On Blair

His energy was great. He was all over the floor, he was a man possessed at both ends on the floor. He was physical and he played good basketball on top of that. I thought he was super.

On why Monta was so effective on his drives

It's called speed.

DeJuan Blair

On whether he was looking to prove himself after the suspension

Of course, but it's not over yet. We got Game 7 on their court. Winning on their court would be the best revenge. We just have to bring it next game.

On the team holding Ginobili to six points

It's tough. We just have to keep doing it. You don't really get that that often. Once you do, you got to capitalize on the other end. We just got to keep pushing and doing it.

Monta Ellis

Devin Harris

On DeJuan Blair's impact

Oh, he's tough. He's a monster in there. The offensive rebounds, setting hard screens, just that toughness that we really didn't have that last game.

On holding Ginobili down to six points

The guys did a great job sitting on those left-hand drives and making it tough. We just try to keep a body on him all night long; we felt like he roamed too freely last game. He lived in our paint and made too many plays.

Do you like Game 7's?

I like Game 7's on their floor. I'm 1-0.

Tony Parker

On what the Mavericks did right

We're playing a great team, and we give them credit. Dallas is playing very well, they're playing together, they're playing great defense, they're making shots. That's why you play the whole season for a Game 7 at home. We're going back to our home and we're going to try to play better defense and hopefully we can play with better energy, and have a better start.

Shawn Marion

On the game

We got it done. Game 7 Sunday is all that matters. It's been a series of runs back and forth. We were able to hold on and get a good win and now it's time for Game 7.