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Dallas and Cents: The Final Showdown

Heading into the last game of the series, we look around the internet to see what's being said about our Mavericks.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon Mavs fans! I hope all of you are ready for a great night, with three game 7's on the agenda. Dallas plays the last of five game 7's this weekend at 3:30 EST tomorrow. Here are some links to help tide you over!

  • Brett Koremenos talks with folks from all over the league (Steve Nash and George Karl, to name a few) about what makes Dirk Nowitzki so unguardable from an X's and O's perspective. It's long and great.
  • Deadspin catches the fact that the reffing crew missed San Antonio having SIX players on the floor in their second to last shot attempt. The officials have hard jobs, I get it, but come on guys.
  • Here's a video bound to make you angry! A compilation of Spur flopping from this series
  • Bobby Karalla over at breaks down the game in two long bullet points.
  • This is just the best damn thing I've seen today. It may not be your cup of tea but gave me all the feels
  • Let's do this guys