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Five Out Offense: Who are you rooting for to win it all?

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Also: Cuban tells a former Mavericks to GTFO, and Pop dances.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. JUST ONE GAME AWAY: This Spurs-Thunder matchup has to be the most entertaining series that has only had blowouts ever. Usually, we frown on games that don't go down to the wire -- and I admit, I've turned my TV off in the fourth quarter for several of these games -- but man, somehow the drama between these two teams has still be quite fascinating. Here's five thoughts from the SB Nation NBA staff about last night's game.

2. GO SPURS GO?: Mark Cuban is rooting for them, albeit with ulterior motivations, and maybe we should be, too. The Mavericks still have the most wins against the Spurs in these playoffs than any other team. They've played more close games (five of them) against the Spurs than the Blazers and the Thunder combined, regardless of the outcome. At this point, that first round series that went to Game 7 has to be one of the main selling points for any free agent Dallas would pursue. They didn't have the luxury of a promoting a good season last offseason. Plus, like Cuban says, if it gets Duncan and Pop to retire? That wouldn't be the worst thing.

With four teams left (but two on the brink of elimination), who are you rooting for to win it all?


4. CUBES SAYS GTFO: Back in the day to Tariq Abdul-Wahad, apparently, according to this SiriusXM NBA radio interview.

5. AND THEN THERE'S THIS KID: From the spelling bee. Yeah. I feel like it's important.