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VIDEO QUOTEBOARD: Season ends in a blowout for the Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks lose to the Spurs in Game 7, and the Maverick players talked to the media for one last time this season.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On the first quarter that put the Mavericks so far behind

Today, we just got hit by a tidal wave early. They had their best game today. We weren't able to do quite enough to stay in it early...although I like the way we ended the half and I like the way we started the second quarter. They are the best of the best and they have been great for a long time. We respect the heck out of San Antonio and they have a great chance moving forward, obviously. I am really proud of our guys and what we were able to do even though we didn't get to the next step.

Mark Cuban

On the flagrants

I'll say this: I'm not going to say they're bad calls, but what I'll say is what's happening now, and rightfully so, is that refs are calling it a flagrant just so they can check it, and that's what they should do. What we need to do is come up with different terminology. It gets everyone all fired up because of the nomenclature. Other than calling it a flagrant, we should just say 'under review' and circle his finger so he can review it and make a decision as opposed to getting the crowd or players or whoever freaked out when they hear the word flagrant. It's not that I had a problem with it, we probably just need to reevaluate, because now when guys dive after they're making a layup or whatever, you can be high and go for the ball and if a guy's head is low you're going to make contact. Again, that's the way the refs are instructed to call it right now, but it's something we need to evaluate and review just to make it all better.

On whether he can appreciate the season right now

There's no appreciating any loss. They all suck.

Gregg Popovich

Opening statement

I just want to say what a great series it was and how difficult it was. I am certainly glad it is over. It kept many of us up at night after night trying to figure those guys out. Rick did a great job with his game plan. His coaches confounded us. The players were great. It is a really good veteran team that was playing its best basketball here at the end of the year. I congratulate them. They were really tough and really good. The organization could be really proud of that group in a lot of ways. From our part, we are thrilled. Whenever you win, you're thrilled, but I thought our best game was tonight. That worked out for us.

Shawn Marion

On the first half

Early in that first half, the few turnovers we turned over, they turned it into 3s and that's what get them open.

On the Spurs offense going nuts

They were hitting on all cylinders. They did a good job hitting contested shots and we weren't able to lock down our shots and get some stops when we needed to.

On going into the offseason

We haven't talked about stuff like that. We got a while to July 1st. We're going to relax for a little while. I'm going to see my son.

Dirk Nowitzki

On experiencing the low of this Game 7 loss

It's awful. You can't really grasp that your season's over's 3-3 and it's anyone's ball game, and now the season's over. It's a tough one, and I'm proud of this team, getting in and getting to the playoffs, and now this one definitely stings.

Monta Ellis

On the Mavericks going forward

We had a great year. We just have to take some time off and try to game plan to see what we're going to do for next year. I think if we keep this team together ,

Devin Harris

On falling behind early

To come out the way that we did and get knocked back on our heels like that, with a team as experiences as the Spurs, we have to come out swinging. I felt like we just didn't do that.

On what the Spurs did well offensively

Take your pick. They place with pace, Tony lived in the paint in the first half and attacked the mismatches, and we just weren't able to get the stops necessary to get any kind of defensive finishes.