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MMB Exit Roundtable, 2013-14: Biggest disappointment of the season?

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The third of our eight-part Mavs Moneyball Exit Roundtable, looking back at the year that was. This post's question involves the biggest disappointment of the year.

Chris Covatta

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3. What was the biggest disappointment of the season?

Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace): I wish I could complain about the losses when Dallas collapsed at the end, but the Mavericks were who we thought they were. The fact is, I don't have many disappointments this season, but if I was to pick one thing, it was a near total lack of development from the younger players on the roster. Shane Larkin's minutes disappeared when Devin Harris returned from injury. Jae Crowder played a consistent, but marginally impactful role. Other than Monta Ellis, everyone else in the rotation is north of 30.

Doyle Rader (@TheKobeBeef): The most disappointing aspect of the season was knowing that the team, though good, was just not good enough. It was pretty much what we thought it would be: an offensive juggernaut and a defensive sieve. That combination doesn’t bode well for a long playoff run or consistency from game to game.

Bailey Roger (@BRogers789): Not enough Ricky Ledo. No but seriously, probably that Dirk didn't hit 50/40/90. I know Dirk doesn't care as much about the individual stuff, but for whatever reason, I really felt invested in seeing him get it, and he fell just short.

Josh Bowe (@Boweman55): I'm going to lean toward the center position being more of a question mark than an answer. Brandan Wright was his phenomenal, rim-scoring, lineup spacing self, but he didn't make any leap toward being a competent help defender like most of us hoped he would. DeJuan Blair wasn't even part of the regular rotation until the Spurs series and Samuel Dalembert was frustratingly inconsistent.

Tim Cato (@tim_cato): Watching Dirk get old. He was still absolutely fantastic, a lethal elite player who can rain fire, but you can clearly see where he has limits now. He can't drive to the basket much. He can't contest many shots. He can't always make plays we've seen him make for years.

Alan Smithee (@SmitheeMMB): Hard to pinpoint. I guess maybe the regular season finale against Memphis. Dallas had a lead and a chance to control their playoff matchup, and fumbled it away. In retrospect they may not have done better against the Thunder but it seemed like a clearly more desirable outcome. I don't know if any other huge letdowns come to mind.

Andrew Tobolowsky (@andytobo): Tired Dirk! Despite what I said in answer to the last question it was absolute murder to see Dirk miss some otherwise automatic shots for him as the season wore on,. And it obviously isn't part of his inevitable decline because this is a guy who was 2nd in the NBA in free throw shooting this year, first among anybody playing more than 23 minutes, but he shot 78% from the line in April and 80% in the playoffs. And obviously, he barely got it going at all against the Spurs -- even though he did have three games shooting 50% or over. No matter what else happens the Mavericks have to keep Dirk fresher, and it was just awful watching what the fact that they couldn't this year did to him.