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Five Out Offense: Investigating the Carlisle coaching tree

Carlisle already has an excellent coaching tree. Could it be growing sooner rather than later?

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1. CARLISLE COACHING TREE: It's well known that the Gregg Popvich and R.C. Buford coaching tree is excellent, and that the Phil Jackson tree -- well, not so much. But quietly, very quietly, Rick Carlisle has had a couple of his assistants move to head coaching positions and do pretty well. Bobby Karalla breaks it down at

Curious to see whether it could keep growing? Carlisle's staff currently consists of Monte Mathis, Kaleb Canales, Darrell Armstrong and Tony Brown. Mathis has not been a head coach at either the NCAA or NBA level, but he worked his way up from player development coach to defensive coordinator, and considering what he had to work with last season, did a damn fine job. I suspect he could find a head coaching position rather easily if he went to the NCAA, but a few more years of quality work with the Mavericks and maybe an NBA team will give him a shot.

Kaleb Canales is a much more interesting name, though. He was the interim head coach for the Trail Blazers for about a month after Nate McMillan was fired, and then stayed off as an assistant under Terry Stotts (hey! there's that coaching tree!). Then, last offseason, he left the Blazers to coach under Carlisle. More interestingly, he's very young -- just 35. By all indications, it's only a matter of time until Canales gets an NBA head coaching job somewhere, and a couple years under Rick Carlisle is probably just what he needs. Eric Spoelstra is an easy comparison -- both started as video interns and worked their way all the way up, with no basketball playing experience at any major level. Spoelstra became head coach at the age of 37 (if I did the math right), so if Canales follows that same trajectory, he might just be a couple years away.

And now, the question we've all been wondering: does Derek Fisher count under Carlisle's coaching tree!?

2. SEASON TICKET HOLDERS: The Mavericks are holding a "select-a-seat" event where you can scour the building and, well, select a seat for your season tickets.

3. FREE AGENT REVIEWS: Starting tomorrow, Moneyball is going to start taking a look at all the different names that could interest the Mavericks when free agency and the NBA Draft rolls around. The format will be quick looks at each player, but we'll continue to have analysis and opinion articles looking at which moves we think the Mavericks should make.

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5. MORE BASKETBALL TONIGHT: The NBA Finals resume at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. The game's in Miami, and LeBron is out for blood. I wonder if we aren't due for a big Tony Parker game soon, though.