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Five Out Offense: Knockout with Dirk!

Dirk plays knockout with campers, Rick Carlisle on the '84 draft, and more!

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

1.) DIRK PLAYS KNOCKOUT WITH SMALL CHILDREN, WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THAT? Yesterday, Andy reminded us that Dirk is an all around good dude, all of the time. This morning, a video popped up showing Dirk playing Knockout with kids at the Mavericks summer hoop camp. I've added "Knockout" to the list of stuff I would like to do with Dirk when we become best friends some day.

2.) 1984 DRAFT DOCUMENTARY WAS AWESOME AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Monday night, NBATV showed a documentary detailing the brilliant 1984 draft and all of the remarkable players that came out of it. Dallas coach Rick Carlise was actually drafted late in the third round of this draft. Eddie Sefko reminds everyone that while Portland will always be hammered for passing up on Michael Jordan, the Mavericks made a blunder nearly as bad that isn't talked about very much. Scour the NBA TV channel if you haven't had a chance to watch this amazing documentary.

3.) DIRK LAUGHS AT HOUSTON AND THEIR INTEREST IN HIM: It's been fairly well documented that Houston has coveted Dirk since acquiring Dwight Howard. He's the ideal stretch four that would help take pressure off of Howard's powerful, but bumbling post game. Dirk might be a free agent in July 1st, but he's made it clear he's not going to listen to any other offers.

4.) THE DRAFT IS SNEAKING UP ON US: We're a mere 15 days away from the NBA draft and you've heard very little from us about this high interest event. Why? Well, the Mavericks have the 34th pick (acquired from Boston) and the 51st pick, each in the second round. ESPN Dallas takes a look at the recent history of the 34th pick. Hoops Habit has some suggestions on who the Mavericks could draft with these picks. This draft is supposed to be very deep, so it would be great if the Mavericks could get another developmental player with upside. We'll have more on the draft in the days leading up to it.