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Five Out Offense: An update on all things Carmelo, Miami and the Mavericks

Updating you on everything you need to know about the Knicks forward. Also: Boris Diaw fat jokes and a Finals update.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1. ALL THE MELO NEWS: This morning, I published my free agent review for Carmelo Anthony, which I'd love for you to go read. But admittedly, it's focused on Anthony as a player and how he might fit with the Mavericks. Right now, we need to get caught up with the news.

  • June 23: That's when Carmelo would need to inform the Knicks that he's opting out of the $23 million he's set to earn next season. SI reports that he's still planning on opting out, even though Phil Jackson is urging him to stay in New York for one more year.
  • Destinations: Marc Stein tells us Chicago, Houston and, yes, Dallas are three places he'd consider in free agency.
  • Back to New York: It's a possibility, especially if Anthony is keen on the idea of Derek Fisher, head coach.

2. CARMELO + MIAMI: Yes, it's possible. No, it's not likely.

Mike Prada tells us how it could happen. Tom Ziller gives 11 thoughts on the rumor and the possibility. My thoughts: UGH PLEASE NO.

3. OH YEAH, THE FINALS: Led by Boris Diaw, the Spurs devoured the Heat like a full barbeque platter, and now it feels like Miami is just a fattened calf being led to slaughter in Game 5. That game won't be played until Sunday, so you've got two days to make jokes about Boris Diaw and food before he wins NBA Finals MVP (Most Vanilla Pudding eaten).

4. HOW TO GET FINALS TICKETS: An interesting article talking about how to get them.

5. IT'S FRIDAY AND I'M OUT OF LINKS. HERE'S A MUSIC VIDEO: No, I'm not sure why the screencap looks like a cheerleader throwing up glitter.