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Five Out Offense: Looking back at a wonderful NBA playoffs

Also: Mavs-Spurs, what Mavs should think of the Spurs and a Carmelo update.

Chris Covatta

1. THE NBA PLAYOFFS ARE OVER: Need closure to the last two months of hoops that we all witnessed? This video should do nicely.

2. A LOOK BACK AT MAVS-SPURS: From and Bobby Karalla.

3. WHY MAVS FANS CAN BE OKAY THE SPURS WON: From D Magazine and Zac Crain.

4. CARMELO UPDATE: Shocker: Dirk would love to have a player who is very good at basketball.

5. LAST THING: Go read Ian's excellent draft primer. He'll have four more players that might be trade-up possibilities coming up soon, and then next Thursday it all goes down (I'm yelling Timber).