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The Five Out Offense: Dirk's State of the Union

Moving around the perimeter, looking for the best shot in the offense.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

1.) DALLAS LOSES A GOOD REPORTER, BETTER MAN. I don't follow baseball at all and honest didn't know who Richard Durrett was, but last night news broke that the ESPN Dalllas baseball reporter had passed away at the young age of 38, leaving behind a wife and two small children. Despite not knowing the man or his work at all, I got caught up reading the various articles about him and his work. Lone Star Ball has thoughts here, Tim McMahon has a moving tribute, as does Calvin Watkins here. In the age of social media, I can tell you that it's rare to find a member of the media who is universally liked, and Mr. Durrett seems to be that rare case. His sudden death has understandably shaken people.

2.) STATE OF THE MAVERICK'S UNION. Dirk Nowitzki opined quite a bit about the state of the team, his workout regime, Melo, and his upcoming contract negotiations. After having read three weeks of opaque comments from all the other playoff teams, listening to Dirk talk shop is really eye opening. He's so honest all the time and it's jarring. I'm particularly interested that he's back in the gym working out already. He makes a very understandable point about needing to establish a baseline for what's considered in shape, but I can't help but wonder how this plays into how much longer he think's he'll play. I honestly think Dirk gets bored without basketball.

3.) MONEYBALL FREE AGENT COVERAGE CONTINUES. I'm sure everyone has seen the various free agent profiles we've been rolling out. All of them can be found here. While we know everyone (including us!) loves draft coverage, Dallas has a rather mundane role to play this year unless they do something crazy on draft day. We have a rolling list of free agents to discuss (20 or so more at least) so let us know who you'd like us to discuss in the comments!

4.) CHRIS ANDERSON? ARE YOU KIDDING? So this rumor about Chris Anderson exists. I have only one thought: nope nope nope.

5.) KIRK HAS THE INSIDE SCOOP FOR THE MAVS OFF SEASON PLANS. Sorry, not sorry. Love you guys, see you tomorrow.