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Five Out Offense: Cuban takes on media coverage

Plus: the Mavs still don't want Lance, thoughts on another Spurs-Heat finals, and Shane being Shane.

Chris Covatta

1. CUBAN ON MEDIA COVERAGE: Mark Cuban has been taking to Twitter this morning in the wake of media coverage of the Carl Icahn/Phil Mickelson insider trading investigation.

As you may recall, Cuban was cleared of insider trading charges after a trial last year. (In a guest post from Mary Henderson, she explained what that meant.) I may be in the minority here, but as an attorney who is trained to believe that the process does matter a great deal, I tend to side with Cuban's view here. Media coverage of these events so often presumes facts that someone cannot know and presumes "guilt" or "innocence" without waiting for a trial or getting all the information. I understand that it's a story that gets ratings when big names are involved, but I think the media could generally be a little more careful in how it represents an ongoing investigation. Just because someone is being investigated doesn't mean they did something wrong.

2. LANCE STEPHENSON REDUX: In case you were wondering, per ESPN's Marc Stein, the Mavs still appear to have no interest in Lance Stephenson (prompting cries of "WHHHYYYYYY" from at least half of the Mavs Moneyball staff).

3. THE FINALS ARE UPON US: I don't know about you, but I greatly enjoyed last year's Spurs-Heat matchup, and am not sad to see it again. Our own Jonathan Tjarks has some thoughts about what to watch for over on his blog, and a prediction on the outcome. Game One is on Friday, June 5. That is a lot of days with no basketball on my television this week, you guys. :(

4. SUMMER LEAGUE IS SOONER THAN YOU THINK: The Las Vegas Summer League dates have been announced -- July 11-21 -- and the Mavericks, as always, will be participating. Like last year, MMB will have a few of our staff on the scene and a few of us watching at home to give you our thoughts, feelings and #hotsportstakes. Hopefully Shane Larkin will get his moment in the Las Vegas sun this year. Speaking of which...

5. SOCIAL MEDIA MOMENT OF THE WEEKEND: Shane Larkin rides a segway. Love u, Shane.