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Five Out Offense: It's party time

For the offseason, a surprising number of things are going on.

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Mike Ehrmann

1. JOSH HOWARD AND MONTA ELLIS ARE THROWING A PARTY TOGETHER. I REPEAT, JOSH HOWARD AND MONTA ARE HAVING A PARTY TOGETHER. This is apparently only two blocks from where Doyle Rader lives. Who is going with him?

2. A THIRTY MINUTE DIRK VIDEO SET TO GOOD MUSIC? *CLIIIICK* So Mike Marshall (@MachineSports on twitter) is a CBS Sports producer in the Dallas area. He put together this 30 minute movie of Dirk Nowitzki and an album he enjoys called "Love You Just The Same" by Centro-Matic. It's long and well done. I really recommend it.

3. DIRK OVER THE YEARS. It was the big German's birthday yesterday and here's a slideshow taking a look at him throughout his career. He's had some interesting looks.

4. WHAT INK SAYS ABOUT A PLAYER. This was an interesting NPR article worth a few minutes.

5. RANKING ALL OF THE FREE AGENTS. Tom Ziller ranks ALL of the free agents, restricted or otherwise. Good news! The free agent we are pretty sure Dallas is going to go hard after (Luol Deng) is ranked 17th. Wait, what do you mean that's not good news?

BONUS LINK! Everyone should consider making it out to the Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game tomorrow, hosted by Dirk.

Have a great weekend folks.