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Dallas Mavericks reacquire Chandler with package including Calderon, Dalembert

Tyson Chandler is a Maverick once again! And Raymond Felton, but let's focus on the positive.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

UPDATE II: The trade is official. Welcome home, Tyson.

UPDATE I: Well, so much for the draft tomorrow?

In a deep draft where the 34th pick could have quite a bit of value, this is starting to seem a little steep of a price on this trade. However, as we know, the Mavs are SUPER GOOD at drafting, so.


Marc Stein reports that the Mavericks are on the verge of acquiring Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton from New York, with a package of Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Wayne Ellington and Shane Larkin.

Wow. I guess the NBA offseason has officially begun.

Tyson Chandler has one year left on his deal, worth $15 million. Raymond Felton has two years for a combined $7.6 million. Clearly, we all know what Chandler is -- a defensive-minded center that the Mavericks have always wanted next to Dirk. But he hasn't quite been the same player we knew and loved in Dallas during their championship year. He's missed a lot of time with injury and will turn 32 before the season starts.

Felton is 29 and was awful last year. Clearly, New York was not a fostering, warm environment for any player, and it's possible he can have a bounce back season in Dallas surrounded by talent and an elite head coach in Rick Carlisle. However, I can't imagine the Mavericks are bringing him in expecting him be their starting point guard. He's a quality back-up at best.

It's weird that the Knicks are taking on Calderon in what seems to be a cap-clearing move on their part, though. Not totally sure I understand that.

This is clearly a developing story, and this trade is not finalized. Stein is almost always right, but there are other things that could nullify this trade. A team could get cold feet, and Chandler also has to pass a physical with the Mavericks' team doctors. A potential trade to Oklahoma City was shot down because of a physical, so it's hardly unprecedented.

One thing's for sure: this move dramatically changes the mindset of the Mavericks this offseason. Plenty more reactions to come from our other Moneyball staffers. Just stay tuned.