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Five Out: The draft has come and past, and the Mavericks waved as it went by

If you watched the NBA Draft last night with a rooting interest for the Mavericks, I hope you included alcohol or some other form of entertainment.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NBA Draft happened last night, but for the Mavericks, it might as well not have...

1. DRAFT GRADES DRAFT GRADES: We all love them, so here's SB Nation's cool-lookin' draft grades feature.

I would link some more, but literally go to any national media site that covers basketball and they'll have them.

2. BUT WHAT ABOUT NEXT YEAR!?: Start studying up. Here's the 2015 NBA big board of the top 30 prospects.

3. OKAY I LIED: The Mavericks did draft several players with the 61st pick of the draft. Or more accurately, my tweeted started to get delirious late into the draft.

4. SUMMER LEAGUE: It starts in exactly two weeks, and the Mavericks will have a game that evening. Doyle Rader and I will be in Vegas to cover it in every way that it can possibly be covered. If you're wondering when teams will start to be announced, it usually happens around July 1st, although I'm sure you'll see a few picks trickle out on Twitter over the next couple of days.

5. FREE AGENCY: Also on July 1st, teams can start talking to free agents. Nothing can be finalized until the 10th, but there's plenty of fun to be had once the month officially changes. In fact, rumors often start in the last couple days of June. Look for a final flurry of our free agent profiles -- the ones that we have already posted can be found right here.