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Five Out Offense: Parsons, Melo and getting to work in free agency

The Mavs filled a big need by getting Tyson Chandler back. They are far from finished though.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1. MAVS INTERESTED IN PARSONS: OMG YOU GUYS #HANDSOMEBASKETBALL IN DALLAS???? PRETTY PLEASE??? Spoiler alert: probably not! But at least the Mavs are interested. The Lakers, Bulls and Wolves are also interested. Matt Moore has the story here.

2. MELO MEETING ON WEDNESDAY: Marc Stein has the details on Melo's plans:

So, we'll all be following along closely the next few days as the madness of chasing the big free agent once again begins.

3. DALLAS STILL HAS WORK TO DO: Bryan Guitierrez over at Mavs Outsider goes deep in-depth on the work the Mavericks still have to do in free agency. He has some words on the cap situation, Barry Larkin's comments on Shane, and if not Melo -- than who?

4. OUR COVERAGE THIS WEEK: Just to give you an idea of what to expect the next few days, we'll be finishing up our free agent profiles the next couple days then have you covered as some of the Mavs' targets or perceived targets come off the market. Of course, whatever coverage there is to have of the Big Melo Meeting will be available as well. As far as rumors, unless it's a big one, we'll continue to cover those in this daily post, so consider this your forum to discuss those rumors and anything else that your little hearts desire.  

5. WHEN INSIDE JOKES GO WILD: We've had a lot of fun on the staff the past few months poking fun at the Mavericks' drafting prowess in the form of insisting they draft Jae Crowder's totally made up brother "Flay Crowder." We really love when our readers jump in on the jokes. Thanks to Aaron Clements (@IAmClements) for this: