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Five Out Offense: Dirk left off the All-NBA teams, but should he have been?

Also: NBA Finals start tonight and figuring out how to replace Shawn Marion.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

1. NO LOVE FOR NOWITZKI: If you didn't see, here are results for all three of the All-NBA Teams. Dirk, you might notice, did not make the cut. In fact, he finished 21st in the voting, so he wouldn't have made a hypothetically All-NBA fourth team, if it existed. He recieved one first-team vote (at center), two second-team votes and 26 third-team votes.

Is this right? Well, first off all, let's agree that the archaic model of making voters choose three centers hurt Nowitzki's chances. Al Jefferson, the third team center, had a fine season, but let's take Zach Lowe's idea of making it a point guard, two wings and two bigs: nobody's putting Al over Dirk.

Should Dirk have made it over another foward? LeBron, no. Kevin Durant, no. Blake Griffin, no. Kevin Love, no. I'd probably put LaMarcus Aldridge over Dirk by the slightest of margins. He averaged more points and did it efficiently, rebounded better and had probably his best defensive season, holding his own for the most part.

I wouldn't put Paul George over Dirk. George's biggest strength here is that he's a fantastic defender, but he scored the same amount of points at a much less efficient clip (especially when you consider turnovers), rebounds at an average level and isn't a big playmaker.

But Dirk isn't complaining. He said this to ESPN Dallas: "For me, I had a good bounce back year, but I agree [with the announcement]. Obviously, I’m not in the cream of the crop anymore. I think that’s no surprise. I’ll still try to be efficient going forward."

2. ALL-WEST, AMIRIGHT?: As was pointed out in our email chain, 11 of the 15 selections play in the Western Conference. Meanwhile, an "All-NBA Snubs" lineup is looking pretty fearsome: John Wall, Russell Westbrook, Dirk Nowitzki, Anthony Davis and Tim Duncan. Maybe a little light on 3-point shooting, but that's a pretty good fivesome right there.

3. HEAT-SPURS TONIGHT!: 8 p.m. CDT on ABC. Are you excited? Ok, ok, I get that the teams aren't optimal, but the basketball should be pretty fun. Here's the SB Nation NBA preview you should read.

4. PARSONS, HAYWARD AND WING FREE AGENTS: After the Chandler Parsons news a couple days ago, I was thinking about how he would fit on the Mavericks, and regardless of whether you think the Mavericks could snag him from Houston, I don't think they should. I don't think he's a good fit.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Chandler Parsons as a player. I also really like Gordon Hayward, another name that has been bounced around from time to time. But remember that whoever the Mavericks bring in is most likely replacing Shawn Marion. Even with his declining offense, Marion still played 31.7 minutes a game (the most since his first year with the Mavericks) on an offense that was top-five in the league.

It's a much simpler task to improve a defense that was pretty terrible throughout the season, and finding an above-average wing defender should be the play, not Parsons or Hayward. As the Mavericks build around Monta and Dirk for these next couple of seasons, they need to understand that those two guys need very specific skillsets around them. A versatile wing defender like Marion is one of those, and replacing him, not just "upgrading the small forward position," should be the utmost concern.

5. DELONTE WEST AND MENTAL HEALTH: This excellent longread from David Haglund at Slate tackles mental health and some of the issues Delonte faced in the NBA -- and in trying to get back into the NBA. I'm going to offer it up without commentary, but you might see some further thoughts a little later on this weekend.