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Five Out Offense: Rick Carlisle and Jason Terry comment on the Finals

Also: what was that, Game 1?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

1. (INSERT HEAT PUN HERE): Last night, the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs played a fantastic basketball, until it wasn't anymore. Sometimes, an awesome first three quarters is enough, but the fourth quarter of that one really ruined it for me. The AT&T Center hasn't impressed me with it's God-awful wifi, but to not have air conditioning for an NBA Finals game just blows my mind. Hard to take anyway away from this game about how the series is actually going to play out.

2. HOW THE SERIES IS ACTUALLY GOING TO PLAY OUT: That game might not help, but Rick Carlisle can. Somehow, Henry Abbott got ahold of him for five keys to the series. The first one was the most interesting:

"NBA defenses are so sophisticated now. You don't want to give them a chance to get fully established. When we played Miami in the Finals, we knew that if we called any plays we were doomed. We had to play faster than that. Popovich really pioneered a lot of that. There is a pendulum on a lot of these things, but I really don't see faster offense going away."

3. A FORMER MAV GIVES HIS THOUGHTS: Jason Terry makes me think he like all of you guys, now that he's retired and out of the league. "There's no way on God's green earth that you're rooting for either one of these two teams," he said, before conceding he hopes the Spurs win because he respects Popovich.

He also said he was watching Game 4 -- when the Mavericks ousted the Lakers and ended their shot at a three-peat -- on the plane just the other day. That's really weird. Who still watches that game in 2014?

4. JONATHAN ABRAMS ALERT: I'm a sucker for good feature writing, and Abrams is one of the very best. Here's his story on Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, old Sonics teammates, being reunited in Miami.

5. THERE'S ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO KNOWS MORE: Have you ever thought that you might be the only person on Earth to know so much about something random? Let me give you an example: Poptarts. I know quite a bit about Poptarts and I've tried many different kinds. However, as much as I know, I never started a wiki about Poptarts. So clearly, despite all my knowledge, there's someone out there with more knowledge about Poptarts. Enough knowledge that he or she started an online encyclopedia to document all the necessary information.

This is a weird way to end this Five Out, but it's not as weird as a Poptarts wiki, so at least we've got that going for us.