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OPEN THREAD: NBA Finals, or, which team do we want to lose more?

Use this as your forum to chat about the Heat, Spurs, and which you want to lose more.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Hey party people. The Finals are happening! It's the Heat. And the Spurs. So that's fun.

I know y'all in general are not big fans of either of these teams. I know this because every time I mention how much I enjoy this matchup from a pure basketball perspective, I get chided in the comments. (I once wrote about my reasons.) But that's okay! To each his or her own.

At any rate, Game 2 is upon us and here's somewhere you can chat about it. Also, I irrationally have missed the Pitbull intro to these games so here it is for you again.


And let's go Mavs because....well, because always. I don't care that they aren't playing.