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Five Out Offense: Dirk is still unfair; Stackhouse to the Knicks?

Plus, Gal Mekel gives us a tour of Israel, which you know you wanted, and more.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

1. DIRK IS UNFAIR, IN CASE YOU FORGOT: You probably didn't forget, but here's a reminder:

2. THE BEST 14 MINUTES YOU'LL SPEND TODAY: Did you read number one above? You didn't? Okay, well, since you didn't, here is each and every one of Dirk's 145 fadeaways from the 2013-14 season in one YouTube video. You're welcome. (h/t Dime Magazine)

3. STACKHOUSE TO THE KNICKS?: The Knicks' coaching search continues, with Jerry Stackhouse reportedly talking to Phil Jackson about an assistant coaching gig. He talked with Pro Basketball Talk about Rick Carlisle's influence:

He mentioned Avery Johnson, Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown and Doug Collins as being coaches whose systems he would most like to emulate, but also was open to taking something from the more modern analytic side after spending time with Rick Carlisle in Dallas.

"With Rick Carlisle and his analytics of the game, it drove me nuts as a player," Stackhouse said. "He wanted to run this play that hadn't been working in the game, because for him it was a 70-something percent play. Now I understand that I want to go with a 70 percent play, and just because it doesn't work it still is a good play for us."

Check out the full story here.

4. JET IS ON THE CASE: Jason Terry took to the airwaves on Friday and mused that Game 1's air conditioning fiasco may not have been as accidental as the Spurs' arena folks indicated. Bryan Guitierrez has JET's comments here.

5. GAL MEKEL GIVES US A PEEK AT HIS HOME: The Mavericks point guard is taking over the team's official Instagram today, giving as a look at a day in the offseason life in Israel. (Spoiler alert: it's PRETTY.)