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Dirk Game Winners Tourney ends with Dirk's Game 2 layup on top

The last match-up was a voting blowout, but I hope we all had fun with this two-week tournament.

Our two week Dirk Game Winners Tourney came to a close yesterday, and Dirk's Game 2 layup took the title of "greatest Dirk game-winning shot" with 104 votes.

Thanks to everyone for your votes and I hope you enjoyed the first Mavs Moneyball tournament. The plan is to have another later in the offseason, even if it isn't a full 16 options.

Feel free to go back and relive all 16 of the shots here. I'd also like to thank friend of the site Patryk (BigPatrys15 on YouTube) for making several of the videos. It was a team effort from our staff members all the way around.

Other than that, I'll open it up to you guys. Any thoughts or suggestions about the tourney? It was all-around fun.