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Five Out Offense: Hey, did you hear about Chandler Parsons?

You didn't? Well, then here are some more things about the chess match between Mark Cuban and Daryl Morey.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

1. SO, CHANDLER PARSONS! GET EXCITED?: Maybe! With Parsons signing his 3 year, $46ish million offer sheet last night at the club with Mark Cuban and his family just after midnight, the clock is now ticking. Daryl Morey and Houston must decide whether to match -- and whether they match MAY depend on Chris Bosh and, you guessed it, LeBron James. To oversimplify things, it's widely expected if LeBron goes back to Cleveland, Bosh will land in Houston for a (presumably) max deal.

Can't Houston just then match the Mavs' offer sheet and keep Parsons? MAYBE! Assuming Bosh takes the max and won't sign for a discount, this really may hinge on Houston being able to make a lot of moves. Some of those moves seemed to already be in place -- but the lower than expected salary cap may throw a wrench into some of those plans, specifically, the Omer Asik trade that was in place with the PelicansPro Basketball Talk breaks down that angle here.

Even if Parsons stays in Houston, Dallas will have forced them to pay probably more than he's worth or than they wanted to pay. So in some ways, it's a win-win no matter what.

2. SB NATION BLOG REACTIONS: We have all of our coverage here in a fun Chandler Parsons stream. Check it out.

Of course, just as Tim is saying Houston plans to match, a Dream Shake writer makes the case that the Rockets should let Parsons walk.

3. THE TWEETS: A sampling of tweets just after it was announced Parsons would sign Dallas' offer.

4. SOME HISTORY: Our own Jonathan Tjarks fills us in over on his blog on some of Parsons' background and how he got from college to getting paid.

5. IN SORT OF TANGENTIALLY RELATED NEWS: SLAM had a nice profile of Vince Carter. You may have heard of him. He's the guy the Mavs are still hoping to bring back. It'll depend on the money, but the Mavs do have a nice little chunk of some sort of exception they could fit him in, if he's willing to take that.