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Another piece falls into place: Chris Bosh to return to Miami on max deal


Everything's coming up Mark Cuban's way -- thus far. Once LeBron James made the decision earlier today to return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, it was widely expected Bosh would leave Miami to join the Rockets. As Tim explained earlier today, Houston was then expected to match Dallas' offer to Chandler Parsons, using Bird Rights to go over the salary cap.

David Lord elaborates on why Bosh chose Miami:

Houston was able to put a number of trades tentatively in motion to facilitate their offer to Bosh (Asik to the Pelicans; Lin to the Lakers) that now could be reconsidered as they still decide whether to match Dallas' offer. Speculation had been that they might balk at the numbers in the deal and look to get an Ariza or Deng for less money.

They have until 5:00 p.m. Sunday to decide. Presumably, they won't let Dallas know, even if they decide, until the last possible minute -- again, leaving us Mavericks fans to wait with baited breath.

It's going to be a long weekend.