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Eric Griffin Can Fly, Also Produce Movies

One Dallas Summer League player is apparently multi-talented

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It would be untrue to say I knew who Eric Griffin was prior to yesterday afternoon. Then he up and did this to poor Shane Larkin.

To say I was intrigued would be a mild understatement. Past second year player Ricky Ledo, Griffin became the player I paid the most attention to. His athleticism and energy made for an enticing combination in the first summer league game where most players were fairly tentative.

According to Draft Express, the Campbell graduate has only been playing organized basketball for the past seven years. Last year he recieved a training camp invite from the Miami Heat, but didn't make the roster. He spent last season playing in a Venezuelan  (h/t to Eric Freeman of Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie). Griffin didn't shoot particularly well, but he also didn't force any of the action, which is fairly uncommon in summer league.

During halftime of yesterday's game, Zach Harper of CBS Sports (@TalkHoops) found this amazing video of Griffin's highlights that he apparently made himself.

Anyone who can both dunk the crap out of the ball and work iMovie is someone I find VERY intriguing. If he can manage to connect on a few more outside shots and keep hustling on defense, the multi-talented Griffin just might have a spot somewhere in the NBA.