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Las Vegas Report, Day 4: Dallas Mavericks vs. Toronto Raptors

Unlike the real Mavericks, this Summer League team actually blew a team out -- and pretty convincingly, too.


LAS VEGAS -- This is where I would write a game story if this was a game that mattered whatsoever. But it doesn't, so I'm not even going to spend my time worrying about that. Here's what happened: the Mavericks blew out the Raptors in a meaningless Summer League game.

Here's observations from yesterday at Vegas.

Eric Griffin keeps impressing

They say some men were born to lead, and others born to follow. Likewise, Raymond Felton was born to try every type of barbecue in the world. And then there's Eric Griffin, who was born to dunk on people repeatedly.

You'd think one of these games people would be able to slow down his dunking habits, but here we are at the third game and he's still doing it. He cut baseline, got a nice feed from Ricky Ledo and jammed an easy one-hander, and then he got free under the rim for a reverse slam a little later on. Just like the main characters in any romantic comedy, you can't keep Eric Griffin and the rim from finding each other. It's love at first sight.

But beyond that, Griffin isn't just a vessel for obscene athleticism -- he's actually playing well. He scored 12 points on six shots, and added two steals and a block. I really hope he gets a training camp invite from someone, because there's no actual room for him on the Mavericks. He's played well enough to deserve that.


Meet "show us the dunk" man.

Ignore the Milwaukee Bucks shirt -- this man loves Andrew Wiggins. When Wiggins had a scary spin and dunk, and this fan was very adamant that they replay it on the video board. They didn't. He shouted to show it. They still didn't. He shouted some more. He got the fans around him to start up a "start the dunk" chant, and it lasted about three loops before the other fans quickly realized they didn't want to be associated with a man wearing a fedora AND fanny pack.

Finally, shortly before halftime, the video board showed a dunk. It wasn't Andrew Wiggins' dunk. It was a less impressive dunk by Anthony Bennett. This man was not pleased. The man in charge of the video board, I imagine, was very pleased.

Later, Wiggins made an and-1 layup. They showed it on the big board. "Don't show that, it wasn't a dunk," yelled 'show us the dunk' man. "It was just a layup."

That, folks, is the story of 'show us the dunk' man. If you didn't understand Summer League before, now you get it.

Brazilian Sad Kevin Durant

Poor Bruno Caboclo. He hit three 3-pointers but had seven turnovers. He's struggling to adjust to American life and getting dunked on by C.J. Fair didn't help. Apparently, even worse, he thought he was ejected after getting a technical foul. I honestly wish him the best because he seems he could be a really fun NBA guy.

Surging Sarge

Bernard James continues to dominate around the rim whenever he's on the floor. He didn't even need to play much in this game, finishing with 18 minutes. He added six points and seven rebounds.

Looking ahead: with the tournament style, the Mavericks will play two more games, but the times and dates will be settled after today's slate finishes up. We'll keep you posted about when and where it is going to be.