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Newly-signed Eric Griffin leads Dallas Mavericks in final Summer League game

Led by the scoring of Eric Griffin and the passing of Ricky Ledo, the Mavericks easily handled the Suns.

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The Dallas Mavericks shot 49.3 percent from the field en route to a blowout 88-62 victory over the Phoenix Suns in their final Summer League game. Dallas's balanced scoring, paced by Eric Griffin, led the way.

Griffin was impressive during his run with the Mavericks' Summer League squad. Friday morning, the Mavs announced that Griffin was given an unguaranteed contract and an invite to training camp this fall. His play in Dallas' final Summer League game against the Phoenix Suns certainly shows that he is worthy of the opportunity to prove himself.

Coming into LVSL, Griffin's reputation was that of an athletic high-flyer. He played for the Miami Heat's Summer League team last year and earned a camp invite with them after several highlight reel plays. Highlights weren't in short order for Griffin on Friday afternoon, either.

Griffin skied his way to several dunks and a few impressive blocks. He ended the game with 20 points on 9-13 shooting. Aside from a couple of clunkers, this is what the Mavericks came to expect from Griffin as he averaged 11.4 points in five games and shot 56.3 percent.

If there is anything to knock about Griffin's game it is that he isn't an exceptionally great 3-point shooter. He can knock them down occasionally but he doesn't look for shots behind the arc. For a 6-foot-8 forward, the lack of range is concerning.

If Griffin does have a future with the Mavericks, it is likely with their D-League affiliate Texas Legends. That may be the perfect fit for Griffin until he can diversify his game.

While we are on the subject of the Legends, Ricky Ledo had a good game against the Suns. He facilitated much of the offense, dishing nine of the team's 15 assists. However, his shot selection leaves something to be desired. Ledo finished the game with 15 points but it took him 13 shots to get there.

Early on, Ledo was in full chuck mode. He air-balled two 3-pointers and kept looking to shoot long shots. He connected on only one of his five attempts from deep. Ledo is most effective when he is looking to get to the rim. He eventually began putting his head down and driving and found success doing so.

This was Ledo's second year participating in Summer League and it was his opportunity to prove he has improved after spending much of last season in the D-League. Yet Ledo, like the U.S.S. Excelsior, remains the Mavericks' great experiment. Where he goes from here is really up to him.

Javon McCrea, who has been somewhat quiet in Vegas, put together a solid all-around performance against Phoenix. He had 10 points on 5-5 shooting and also pulled down three rebounds. He displayed effective footwork and a few pretty nice post moves.

Alex Toupane also finished the game with 10 points.

Fan favorite Yuki Togashi scored just four points on 2-6 shooting. Regardless of his line, there was still a fan in the crowd wearing a sheet that yelled "toga" when Togashi entered the game. Yuki did blow by his defender to get to the rim for both of his buckets. He's got a nice cross over working for him. Hopefully, this isn't the last Dallas fans will see of him.

The Mavericks finish Summer League with a record of 3-2.