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Five Out Offense: where might Shawn Marion land?

Plus getting to know Ricky Ledo, getting to know the D-League and starting to miss Vince Carter.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Summer League has mostly come and gone, and free agency has slowed its roll, our daily post is back. Look for it again, as usual, every day around this time, and consider it your forum to discuss anything below, or any Mavs/NBA news in general.

1. WHEREFORE ART THOU, MATRIX?: As free agency has settled down and teams are now in "filling out the roster" mode, a question I've seen thrown out a lot is where Shawn Marion might end up. I think most of us here had assumed he was out the door, but there are quite a few teams with some money left to spend and the Mavs do have that $2.7m room exception left. Dwain Price speculates on where Marion might be looking (he was careful to clarify later that this wasn't news, just speculation on his part):

2. INSIDE THE D-LEAGUE: Over at Hardwood Paroxysm, our own Kirk Henderson talked to Travis Blakeley, the Texas Legends' Director of Player Personnel, to get his thoughts on how the D-League works or doesn't work, how it can help a NBA team, and more.

3. GETTING TO KNOW RICKY LEDO: Bobby Karalla has a wonderful feature on Ricky Ledo, talking to the second year guard about his first year in the NBA/D-League, and looking forward to a second season.

4. THE MAVS WILL MISS VINCE CARTER: Though the Mavs have done some work in signing new players to hopefully replace the production they've had out of Vince the past couple seasons, I don't know that it will be easy to replace him. Steve McPherson looks at the evolution of Vince's shot charts over the years, and accidentally makes us all sad that he's now with a division opponent.

5. DID YOU MISS ANY OF OUR SUMMER LEAGUE COVERAGE?: Catch up on newly-signed Eric Griffin, Ricky LedoYuki Togashi, and the rest of the SummerMavs with all our coverage in this storystream.