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Five Out Offense: A Summer League roundup

Summer League ended yesterday, so I'm just going to give you links of everything awesome that was written while we were there.


1. FORMER MAVERICKS: Jake Fischer is a cool person I met in Las Vegas, and his profile of Josh Howard is one you should definitely read. Bryan Gutierrez caught up with Delonte West in a ESPN Dallas story. But then, unfortunately, here's a dash of reality about Howard's chances in the NBA.

2. DOYLE RECAPS VEGAS: Here you go, from the man himself.

3, 4 and 5. OTHER SUMMER LEAGUE STORIES: If you need stuff to read, here you go.

There's the James Herbert story on Giannis Antetokoupos, which is fantastic. Eric Buenning, who I also had the pleasure of meeting in Vegas, wrote a true NBA horror story -- Giannis could play point guard. Like, how would that even be defended?

A handful of redemption stories that a really good reads: Mike Prada on Anthony Bennett, and another Jake Fischer story, this one about DeAndre Liggins -- who has one of the craziest stories for an NBA hopeful (also 3,500 words, fair warning). I wrote a little about Derrick Williams, too, early on in Summer League.

Then there's the fun people: Yuki Togashi! I wrote about him, although it's possible you've already seen it (it's been in our cover). There's also Tyler Lashbrook writing on Dante Exum, who was one of the most fun characters in Vegas.

In a piece that can only stand by itself, don't forget that Daryl Morey kicked a bunch of blogger ass playing ping pong. I'd like to see Donnie Nelson try and pull that stunt off.

Kirk did some work over at Hardwood Paroxysm, and my favorite was his interview with D-League assistant coach Travis Blakely and also his Summer League wrap-up/goodbye of sorts.