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Shawn Marion releases "I'm a Champion" single

Have you ever wanted to hear Shawn Marion rap the line "like Neo, welcome to the Matrix?" Well, now you can.

Ronald Martinez

It seems my farewell to Shawn Marion was a bit premature. That's not to say that he'll be rejoining the team anytime soon but he is certainly leaving us with the best going away present we could ask for.

There is apparently a forthcoming album titled Full Court Press Vol. 1. The album features various basketball players paired with rappers dropping "all star jams." If this concept seems familiar, it's because it is. Set your WABAC Machine to 1994. That's when the album B-Ball's Best Kept Secret was released. It too featured the work of NBA talent alongside popular rappers. One of the tracks was even performed by Jason Kidd.

Now, Shawn Marion is getting in on the action. He has a track on Full Court Press Vol. 1 titled "I'm a Champion." I guess he knew it was Championship Week. What's even better is that the track features T-Pain, Dorrough, and Young Cash. Including Dorrough on the track was a logical move since he is from Dallas and has a song about the Mavericks. The inclusion of T-Pain is simply genius.

I'm just going to throw it out there that this is official unofficial song of Championship Week. I mean, how can it not be? It's a club banger.

Check out the promo video for the album below. From the sound of it, Marion's track is leagues above the rest but I'm not going to sleep on anything Stephen Jackson does just yet.

h/t SLAM