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NBA Free Agency: Dirk Nowitzki re-signs with Mavericks for three years

Dirk is back for three more years, as we all expected. How will this effect the rest of the cards dropping in free agency the next few days?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks have agreed to a three-year deal worth about $30 million, including a 2015-16 opt out clause and a continued no-trade clause. The deal is very similar to the one Tim Duncan signed with the Spurs two years ago.

Dirk re-signing with Dallas is no surprise but the timing is perhaps a bit unexpected. Carmelo Anthony was set to meet with the Knicks and Lakers today in Los Angeles and word was that Melo would take the weekend to make a decision. Dallas, having made their two-hour pitch yesterday, were supposedly going to wait Melo out. It appears Dirk or the Mavericks changed his mind.

Does this mean the Mavericks intend to fill out their roster now, rather than wait for Melo? Or is this simply Dallas showing proof that Nowitzki does intend plan to stick around, and at a significant discount?

Remember, last year the Mavericks were an hour away from signing free agent swingman Andre Iguodala last year, and lost out in part because they waited for Dwight Howard to make up his mind. They may wish to avoid the same mistake this time around.

Either way, the important thing is: DIRK IS BACK!  So, rejoice, Mavs fans!