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Five Out Offense: The Phantom Zone

The dominoes will fall, it's just a matter of when

Andy Lyons

1. WILL SOMETHING HAPPEN ALREADY? GEEZ. On my long drive home yesterday I listened to Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe talk on a purely speculative podcast and what is and isn't going to happen during this free agency period. One thing that stood out was Simmons saying how much he didn't like how beholden he's become to Twitter for even the slightest bit of breaking news. His larger point was that because we can have access to this information instantly, it's become a bit of an addiction that he can't shake. I feel the same way. My parents are visiting me this week and I find myself checking my phone every 15 minutes for news. It's gotten ridiculous. It's still fun, but the more this crap drags out, the less fun it becomes. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony need to make decisions now.

2. REBECCA GETS TO PODCAST WITH THE MOTHERSHIP. In case you missed it on the front page earlier, Rebecca got to participate in a podcast with SB Nation's Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni. They talk Dirk's greatness, a reality show with Dirk and two other NBA goofballs, and Raymond Felton's nicknames. I really enjoyed this.

3. EVERYBODY SHOULD LOVE RAYMOND. Yesterday, Raymond Felton held a conference call with the local Dallas media. Bryan Gutierrez of Mavericks Outsider Report was kind enough to transcribe the best bits. Short story is Felton is looking to prove his critics wrong. Though, this is not the first stop he's uttered these sorts of things.

4. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF SPORTS. The World Cup is drawing to a close, Summer League is just two weeks long. After July 21st the only respite from baseball-baseball-baseball is the FIBA World Championship (which is really fun, but often not covered very well by the media for some reason). My point? As much as I complained about free agency needing to move along in #1, I also dread the coming dead zone.

5. SUMMER (LEAGUE) IS COMING. Speaking of Summer League, Tim reported on the Maverick Summer League roster here and I wrote a full endorsement of the league here. I have some strong opinions about the roster and Maverick developmental basketball as a whole, but now isn't the time. Either way, be ready for full coverage from your good friends here at Mavs Moneyball.