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Five Out Offense: International play continues

It's the dregs of August and there's not a lot of Mavs news, but here are some fun things you may have missed.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. WE'VE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO...: Chandler Parsons isn't the only one vying for the chance to represent his country in international play. Gal Mekel is competing with the Israeli national team, and posting a few updates via his Instagram:

Is being super handsome a requirement for international team play? I wonder. At any rate, Tim has been keeping us updated on Chandler Parsons' chances of making Team USA, as well.

2. CHANDLER ON CHELSEA: Speaking of which, in case you missed it, Chandler Parsons was on Chelsea Lately over the weekend. Our fearless leader live-tweeted it in fairly hilarious fashion. If you missed it, here it is in a convenient YouTube video for your consumption. (I don't know about you, but I'm already judging his fashion choices after this and the Teen Choice Awards debacle.)

3. CUBAN COMMENTS: Dallas Morning News had a little write-up of Mark Cuban's radio appearance yesterday. Nothing groundbreaking, but always nice to hear the head honcho talk about the direction of the team going into a new season.

4. MARION MEETS WITH THE PACERS: Shawn Marion still hasn't found a home quite yet, and for all the chatter that he had decided to sign with the Cavaliers, apparently the Pacers are still in play. Marc Stein over at ESPN has the story.

5. ZACH LOWE BREAKS DOWN SPACE JAM: Finally, for something not really Mavs-related but still awesome: Zach Lowe is, or should be, required reading for NBA junkies like all of us here. Today, he broke down not a NBA team or player, but the movie Space Jam. It's the off-season for everyone, I suppose.