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Five Out Offense: Ray Felton, Tyson Chandler and their impact on the Mavericks

It's the summer. People are making predictions because what else are we going to do?


1. WHAT WILL FELTON'S IMPACT BE?: ESPN is looking at players who will have the "most disappointing impact" and they've definitely got Raymond Felton on that list. What say you, Moneyballers?

2. WHAT WILL TYSON'S IMPACT BE?: The always insightful Rob Mahoney takes an in-depth look at Tyson Chandler and what he brings to these sort of new-look Mavericks.

3. LOOKING AT CUBAN'S COMMENTS: On Tuesday we linked you Mark Cuban's comments about the Mavs' "Basketball IQ." Eric Freeman over at Yahoo! has a few more detailed thoughts on that.

4. GOODBYE IS THE HARDEST WORD: Over at Shark Fin Hoops, Andrew Crawford has an interesting story about Former Maverick Wang Zhi Zhi, who is retired from basketball but may be compelled to play again by the communist government.

5. YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTO OF THE DAY: Jae Crowder has thoughts on the Mavs season opener against San Antonio.