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Help wanted! Mavs Moneyball is looking for writers (with an update)

If you'd like to write about basketball for us, give this a read.

Mike Ehrmann

Hello! As we're preparing for the upcoming season, a few spots have opened up on our staff. This is a great opportunity to write about Mavericks basketball in various ways.

There are no requirements to apply. With me up to now? Shoot me an email at and then we'll get to know each other a little bit. These are unpaid positions and your email isn't a guarantee of anything, but if you think you can help out our site and want to join the funnest email chain in Texas, let's talk. You don't need to attach a resume -- just your name will do.

The roles we need to fill involve helping with our game coverage and occasionally writing a full-length article, but there's also more specialized positions available. It's okay if you aren't the greatest writer, are new to basketball or have other commitments -- we still might be able to find a spot for you. There are so many different areas that you could help with.

The deadline is a week from now (see the update below). Any time after that, I'll probably already be in the process of decision making and the spots might be filled.

The first season I joined the Mavs Moneyball, Dallas won the title. It was obviously because of me joining the blog. Just think: if you don't apply (just a simple email!), you might be costing the Mavericks their second championship. Don't be that guy.

Thank you, and I look forward to talking with you all!

UPDATE 8:13 p.m.: I am blown away by the response from all of you guys! I've sent initial emails to just about everyone, but it'll take me a few days (or perhaps up to a week) to read through all the follow up answers and give out the necessary information.

If you're still interesting in applying, you can absolutely do so, but just know that sooner is better. I'm changing the cut off to Sunday night, because I'm probably going to start finalizing things on Monday. It's not a strict deadline but if the spots are filled, the spots are filled.

If you've emailed me, thank you again. If you are just content with being a reader, get excited, because it looks like we've got some really fantastic authors ready to join the ranks.