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Five Out Offense: Taylor Swift, Raymond Felton, and Mavericks most improved?

T-Swizzle is taking over the world, y'all.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

1. THIS IS THE ANTHEM, THROW ALL YOUR HANDS UP: There are a few of us basketball bloggers, myself included, who have a special fascination with Taylor Swift. Over at Hardwood Paroxysm, our own Kirk Henderson has a few thoughts on Taylor Swift's new song "Shake it Off" as it relates to Raymond Felton. Fair warning: you will not be able to shake this song after reading this.

Not gonna lie, I'm slightly terrified that this is going to be the new song of the NBA season, a la "Timber." Stay tuned, I guess.

2. MAVS MOST IMPROVED?: Kevin Sherrington answers a few questions in a chat over at Dallas Morning News. Highlights included his thoughts on Parsons/Team USA and where the Mavs rank as far as the Texas NBA teams.

3. ERIC BLEDSOE, ANYONE?: Eric Bledsoe is reportedly still available, as the Suns look for potential trade partners. I don't know if the Mavs have anything that the Suns would be interested in (Monta Ellis? Draft picks? GAL MEKEL??) but the idea is exhilarating. Give us your thoughts on that below!

4. PARSONS SITS OUT: Chandler Parsons didn't make an appearance in last night's Team USA scrimmage vs. the Dominican Republic. He wasn't the only one riding the bench, though. Not sure what this means (if anything) for his chances of making the team, but final cuts are looming.

5. DID YOU SEE THAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR WRITERS?: Oh, you didn't? What are you waiting for, get in that application! (Only if you're cool though, come on now. We have standards here.)