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Weekend Poll: What grade would you give the Mavericks offseason?

The team made a lot of moves the past few months. What do we think of them?

Ronald Martinez

With the signing the other day of Bernard "Sarge" James, and Chandler Parsons done with Team USA after being cut late last night, there's really only the preseason for us Mavs faithful to look forward to.

Of all the teams in the NBA, the Mavericks certainly were up there in terms of making dramatic moves to stay competitive in a very tough Western Conference. They pulled off the first big trade of the offseason, sending seemingly everything under the sun to the Knicks to acquire Tyson Chandler (and Raymond Felton). They pulled off the first big "dare you" move of the offseason with that game of chicken between Daryl Morey and Mark Cuban, ultimately landing Chandler Parsons with the Mavs to replace the outgoing Shawn Marion (miss you, buddy).

To add a little depth at some positions, they went out and got Al-Farouq Aminu, Greg Smith, Jameer Nelson, Richard Jefferson and a few other guys who will (most likely) be training camp bodies only or with the Legends this coming season, unless they impress that much.

Do you think the Mavericks are the most improved team in the West? What grade would you give their offseason? Take the poll, then give us your thoughts in the comments below!