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Five Out Offense: No more Chandler Parsons for America

And no Marion at the minimum, but it's okay.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

1. NO MORE #CHANDLERFORAMERICA: He was cut from the team early Sunday morning, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to post this photoshop again.


2. TEAM USA GOES FOR SIZE: If you want to read more about what Team USA does have on the final 12-man roster, here's Marc Stein talking a little about it.

3. WHAT CAN PARSONS DO FOR YOU: If you want to watch him do basketball things and can't wait until the season starts, I watched the film of him on offense and picked up on some interesting trends. Look for a defensive film breakdown this week or weekend.

4. MINIMUM MATRIX: If you're upset about Marion taking the minimum in Cleveland, you really, really shouldn't be. I've talked about it briefly in a Five Out before, but Tim MacMahon devotes an entire post to it right here that also does a good job breaking it down.

5. MORE CUBAN IN COURT: Not sure I'm smart enough to understand why but apparently he won so that's all fine and dandy.