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Weekend Poll: Who will be the Mavericks' most important new bench player?

The Mavs' bench has been a strength in past seasons. Who will step up this year?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Last weekend we asked you guys (and gals) what grade you would give the Mavericks off-season. Building on that, like most recent years, the Mavericks have turned over a lot -- and I mean, A LOT -- of their roster.

Chandler Parsons is, in my opinion and in probably everyone's opinion, the most important piece of the new-look Mavs. He's got popular shoes to fill with Vince Carter (Memphis) and Shawn Marion (Cleveland) moving on to new teams. Though Tyson Chandler is certainly a great acquisition as well, and if he can return to form, will be just as key.

But the Mavs' bench has of late been a big strength of theirs, and for all the roster turnover, it will be interesting to see how they mesh together, and how long it takes.

Of the new Mavericks coming off the bench this year, who do you think will be the most important piece to the season?* Vote below and then sound off on your reasons in the comments!

* Note - for purposes of this poll, I'm assuming Devin Harris is the starting PG