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Jason Terry is a Houston Rocket

In the ultimate troll move, Daryl Morey's Houston Rockets have traded for one of the Mavericks' all-time most beloved players.


It was a fairly innocuous Sunday afternoon, with everyone enjoying what was a much closer and more exciting than expected FIBA game against Turkey, until this happened to ruin everything:

No this isn't a joke, and it isn't some horrible nightmare. The Houston Rockets have traded for Jason "JET" Terry. The trade is reportedly JET for Alonzo Gee, with some picks being swapped between the teams.

In the aftermath of the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, Morey appeared to gloat by proposing a trade for Dirk. Now this?We're all thinking the same thing here, right?

At 37, JET wasn't likely to contribute significant minutes to whichever team he was on, so I think it is safe to say that this trade did not occur for basketball reasons. The rivalry between the Mavs and Rockets, and the feud between Mark Cuban and Morey, in particular, has turned fairly bitter in recent years. This seems just the latest in a series of off season blows between the teams.

But Terry has always been very vocal about his loyalty to the Mavericks organization and his disinterest in playing for one of Dallas's divisional rivals. So maybe this whole thing will blow up in Morey's face?

As do we all, my friend, as do we all.